12 April 2007

The Red Wings' Season Begins

The Red Wings ARE the Spirit of Detroit

Tonight, the Detroit Red Wings begin their season. "Yawn." This is the 16th consecutive season that they've made the playoffs--the longest such run for any professional sports league team in America. Three Stanley Cups in the last decade come from this dominance. The so-called "regular season" is just our extended training camp. And this, despite the loss of star forward and team captain ("The Captain") Steve Yzerman and power forward Brendan Shannahan, as well as a salary cap. At the beginning of the year, we were told that we were in a rebuilding year--even making the playoffs was out of the question. But, here we are: first place in the Western Conference and the Central Division. Good things we're playing a team that goes down recorded as "the Flames." Join the red wave as we go for Cup #11!

1 comment:

GUNNY said...

With Todd Bertuzzi on your team, I have to think the hand of God is against your team of evil doers.

So, should we meet in the next round, I'm gonna hope to see a little love from on high for the Stars!