12 April 2007

Critical WCC Newsflash Update

Dear WCC,

The last twenty-four hours have been a whirlwind!
Following yesterday’s crime scene investigation (which took most of the day), we’ve met with our insurance adjustor to begin documenting damage and losses. Montgomery & Sons Restoration Company has been busy, boarding up broken exterior windows, removing all broken glass inside, ordering replacement glass and doors, and making the logistical arrangements for further clean-up. First thing tomorrow morning, a twenty man crew will be on-site to continue the initial phase of clean-up.
Though things have moved quickly, WE WILL NOT BE HAVING A CLEAN-UP TIME ON FRIDAY! We’re grateful for any of you whom may have been planning on coming, but we’re simply not going to be ready for that. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause you. PLEASE CONSIDER THE BUILDING CLOSED UNTIL SATURDAY MORNING unless you absolutely need to be there for some reason.

WE WILL HAVE A CLEAN-UP TIME ON SATURDAY FROM 8:30 AM – 2:00 PM. We’ll be working alongside of the crew from Montgomery & Sons on areas of the building that are safe and clean enough for us to do further clean-up. If you can be there, the help will be great!

Here are a few important points to keep in-mind for Saturday:

-- DO NOT BRING YOUNG KIDS (mature teens are welcomed to come and help)
-- NO ARRIVALS AFTER 12:00 PM (everyone will be sent to a specific area to work on specific tasks)
-- LOG IN & OUT so that we can get monetary credit for the labor we’ve provided to offset our deductible
-- Wear clothes that can get dirty
-- Bring a mask or bandana if airborne dust bothers you
-- Bring any cleaning supplies that may be helpful for wiping surfaces such as walls or cabinets or disinfecting surfaces

With all of this help, we expect to be able to run a safe, clean, normal Sunday morning (all three hours) with only a few minor room location changes (we’ll be talking to these teachers tomorrow). Repairs and deeper cleaning will occur over the next couple of weeks.
All of this activity has also included cooperating with the Waterford Police Department Detectives handling the investigation and has resulted early this morning in the arrest and confession of the two individuals who did this. They will be arraigned before the end of the week. I’ll let you know what we can Sunday about any association with WCC or motive behind this vandalism. Thank you to all of you who made suggestions about possible perpetrators to consider.

One additional note: the funeral for Sherrie Carlton, which was supposed to be at WCC Saturday at 10:30 am, will instead be held at Community Presbyterian Church of Drayton Plains on Sashabaw Road (directly across the street from Coats Funeral Home). The meal, following interment at White Chapel Cemetery, will also be there as well. Since Coats was busy, we appreciate the church’s gracious use of their facility.

The damage to our building was extensive (initial educated guesstimates place it at or near $200,000). But, the damage to our church? . . . . Well, if we respond the right way, it may have even made our church—the people who are in-fact WCC—even better, as our character is refined, our trust deepened, and our unity increased. May God make it so! May you be a willing part of that!

Don’t forget, all updates are available at
www.waterfordwired.org or on Pastor Chris’ blog OUT OF MY MIND (http://outofmymind-etocspace.blogspot.com/), as well as email updates we have been sending. If you know someone at church that doesn’t have or use email, please pass the word!

In His hands,



GUNNY said...

Not cool on the part of the evildoers.

I appreciate your mature perspective on potential benefit to the congregation itself.

It sounds like you have things moving along nicely, but I will still pray for a smooth Sunday and resolution.

Ralph Chambers said...

What is the Lord calling us to today? A call of HELP in time of need. We all come out of the woodwork to find old friends in time of testing, us and them. Let's see what the Lord will do with us this day. . .