13 April 2007

Restoration Underway

Dear WCC & Visitors,

Our sincerest thanks to everyone for their concern and offers of assistance over the last couple of days. It has been overwhelming. People we don't know calling or stopping-in offering their labor or services. What a great thing to be able to say. It gives you something to ponder: What if we were all like this to each other in the normal everyday times, not just in times of crisis--what a world THAT would be! Nonetheless, it is fabulous to receive all of these kind expressions--from within and without our congregation. On behalf of the entire Waterford Community Church family: THANK YOU!

There's a front page article in the Oakland Press giving some information on what's happened. And, we just finished interviews with Fox News (Channel 2) that will likely air during the 11:00 broadcast and later during the day.

As I write, there are 8 big Montgomery & Sons restoration trucks outside, 3 Aladdin Carpet trucks in front, approximately 30 people all over the building cleaning, and replacement glass deliveries anticipated later today. Honestly, for those who come to help tomorrow, you're going to be disappointed in how little of the damage and mess that were visible just yesterday is left. Our biggest ongoing clean-up item will be the fire extinguisher exhaust residue that is very fine and acrid. It keeps reappearing everywhere even after being cleaned.

Late this afternoon, we'll be assessing our need and work assignments for tomorrow morning (see the post below for general information on Saturday morning's work day). If there's anything specific to report, we'll post again (along with an all-church email) sometime during the 4:00 pm hour.
Pastor Chris


Ralph Chambers said...

Duty calls! Old friends at WCC are in need of help. We will come and "BE" whatever that is needed today.

Anonymous said...

We were so saddened when we found out what had happened at WCC...if we weren't in TX, we'd be there to help! We are praying for you all as the restoration/clean-up process is completed.

Steve, Monica, Jordan and Emily Strader (Mary Jane's family)