11 April 2007

Critical WCC Newsflash

Dear WCC,

Some time after midnight last night, the building was broken-into and heavily vandalized throughout the entire facility. Waterford Police, along with the K-9 and Crime Scene Units from the Oakland County Sherriff’s Department are processing the scene. The building is closed to the public and the staff is confined to an unaffected office.

We have been in contact with church leadership, our insurance company, and a restoration company that will come to remove all of the dangerous broken and hanging class as soon as the police are done. But, we’re going to need to do further clean-up later in the week. Virtually every surface in every room will need to be wiped down, and there is a lot of debris that will need to be disposed of. Timelines hinge on these companies we’re working with, but to ready the facility for Sunday, we’re anticipating having a work time on Friday and/or Saturday. If you have the ability to be here, we’re going to need a LOT of people to deal with this.

Here’s how you can help:

- Don’t come to the church or call unless you absolutely need to until Thursday or Friday

- Help-out this Friday or Saturday cleaning (NO young kids!)

- If you have cleaning supplies (dusters, mops, brooms, shop-vacs) bring them Friday or Saturday

- Let us know if you’ve had a bad/difficult interaction with someone recently that might have prompted this

- Keep your ears open—especially if you have teenagers—and let us know if you hear anything. We have reason to think that this was likely someone young.

- Pray for the investigators—that they’d be able to identify who did this

- Pray for the people who did this—you don’t do something like this unless you’re hurting or angry inside

We’ll be sending another email as soon as we’ve confirmed days and times. Thanks for your concern!

Pastor Chris

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