30 March 2007

Wings News

Last night, the Wings played Nashville (a game I got to see part of) and won 2-1.

AP Sports Writer Teresa Walker writes:

“The Predators has Peter Forsberg, Paul Kariya and Jason Arnott on the ice, the goalie pulled for the extra attacker, and a man advantage on a power play. And still they couldn’t push the puck past Chris Osgood to force overtime. That sums up their struggle to end Detroit’s run atop the Central Division and the Western Conference—only to keep coming up short head-to-head.”

This makes Detroit the winner of the season series, taking five out of seven games and tying one against the Preds. Both teams lead the NHL (as well as Buffalo) with 105 points, but Nashville has played one more game. A much more satisfying and just outcome than the game I watched them lose at Joe Louis Arena Saturday (thanks to Ken & Kellie Rittenhouse—thanks again guys!), which was stolen by bad officiating.

Whether we place first or fourth is still uncertain. To take first, Nashville needs to go undefeated in its last five games and have Detroit lose at least two of its last four. Whatever happens, we are in the playoffs. The “real” season is about to begin. I should mention that this will make seventeen straight years of playing in the “real” season—approaching the legendary twenty year run between 1939-58.

Tonight, they play a game that I’ll relish having lived in Dallas and endured the upstart Stars winning a fluke cup during that stay. A win against them would be a good step toward winning a third consecutive President’s Cup for the most points in the season, as well as making a clean sweep of the four games against them this season. Dallas is tied for fifth place in the West.


GUNNY said...

By the way, watch any hockey Friday night?

Why aren't we talking about THAT in Hockeytown?

etoc said...

Alas, yes. I confess that I sinned for the first two and-a-half periods as I gloated over our lead. And then, the judgment. Of course, it should be noted that we still left that game with the NHL point lead. So, we are talking about THAT.

GUNNY said...

Things were looking so good and then we stumbled ... at home to the lowly Blues, giving me the blues.

We've got Anaheim on Friday and I'm hoping for a GOOD Friday, if you know what I mean. A little stick & puck joy going into the weekend of Resurrection Celebration.

GUNNY said...

Second Season starts tonight ...

Go Stars!

I see Wing is also dealing with Canadians. Hope Wing doesn't wind up going down in "Flames" this year.

Hope to see you in the playoffs!