29 March 2007

weekend happenings

A quick couple of notes about what's been happening at WCC over the weekend:
  • Saturday morning we had almost all of the Cell Group Leaders get together for training by Mike Workman, the Cell Group Coordinator. Mike did some great teaching about how to effectively use questions to further group discussion. And, he had a large assortment of study resources for everyone to checkout. To you leaders: thanks for investing the time to improve your ability to effectively lead. To you Cell Group members: your leaders care enough about you to invest themselves in this!
  • Sunday night we had 13 people (2 adults and 11 kids) in our first youth-focused Roadmap Class. Kind of funny to have a kid who's been here 17 years and an adult who's been here two months talking about being a church together. Thanks to all of you students who participated. Thanks for laughing at Mr. Bean, even if it was just to humor me!

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