12 February 2007

the history of religion in 90 seconds

A website called Maps of War has prepared a great 90 second overview of the start and spread of the world's major religions. It's interesting to see how the Bible's events fit-in with what else was happening around the world. And, in-light of today's "Christian" West and Muslim East conflict, this provides some perspective. This is a great investment of 90 seconds to comprehend 5,000 years of history! To view in full-screen, click here to go to the site.


Stacy said...

How cool!! It's funny how some of the most densely populated areas have the least dominance of Christianity.

leifandjan@gmail.com said...

How come all the "Big" coverage religions get "boy" colors and the one with the smallest land coverage gets a "girl" color?

etoc said...

So, are you saying Judaism is for chicks!? Mazel Tov you shikse! (look it up)