11 February 2007

How early is “preteen” supposed to begin?

According to Wikipedia, a preteen is at least eight years or older, but has not yet experienced puberty (roughly 8-12). While the physical side is apparent, it also carries with it psychological development, including “a more developed sense of self and identity.” I went looking for this information when my four year-old daughter Ayanna repeatedly said a couple of things that I really didn’t expect to hear until those preteen years about four years from now!

First, there was her tear-filled outburst one day that “Nobody likes me.” I’m pretty sure that she’s at least as socially adjusted as her father (which on it’s own might actually be cause for concern), but more importantly her mother. Where did that come from?

More recently, as I was being firm with her to correct her misbehavior, I’ve heard: “But Dad, you’re hurting my feelings!” Excuse me? Worst of all, I think she sensed weakness on my part…she knew she got to me with that…as she’s repeated it several times with just too fast a trigger finger.

Sounds like preteen to me, regardless of the definition.

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