19 April 2007

how to not waste your life reading blogs (but read them anyway)

If you're reading this, you obviously read blogs (at least this one...Thank You!). I read blogs--76 as a matter of fact on a regular (almost daily) basis. "How!?" you ask?

I use a free Google service: Google Reader. There are other readers, but I generally like Google's stuff and find it works pretty good together so I stick with it. You'll need to start a free Google account if you don't already have one. Just follow the directions--it's pretty straightforward.

Here's the beauty of a reader: you subscribe to all of the websites and blogs that you like (if they have a "feed"...what you might think of as a "broadcast signal") through the reader. Whenever something new is posted on those sites, it pops-up as a new entry--pictures and all--in your reader. This means that you don't have to spend any time going to the sites to see if there is new content or viewing that content.

The bottomline is that it makes it incredibly easy to survey vast amounts of information online that you find helpful or interesting. I should note that I still visit some of the sites "the old-fashioned way" because I'm interested in the photo album links that they've updated, or because I want to see exactly how old my nieces are on my sister's blog counter. But for the routine day-to-day stuff, it's a great way to master the information superhighway rather than getting run over!

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GUNNY said...

Pretty sneaky, sis.

I'm gonna have to get me some of that!

Danke, Amigo.