20 April 2007

good news for a change

There's an article in the Oakland Press this morning about the clean-up effort that took place last Saturday at WCC. It's nice to read a story that reports good news as this one does. The reporter, Carol Hopkins, was very nice. When we spoke on Monday, she was delighted to hear all of the good things that so many people did in response to so many bad things done by just a couple of guys. In fact, we calculate 484 man-hours of labor were donated Saturday! A few of the facts are slightly off--several pizzas were more like 30! A few of the quotes are loose--one of which I'd clarify: God is the One who used this event to accomplish good through bad. We give Him all the credit, and thank Him for what He's done.

And, we pray that it would continue. Later today I'll be meeting with some family members of one of the young men who were involved. And, when able, I'll be trying to meet with the two young men directly. This has been good in the life of our church family. I hope it will be as good for both of them and their extended family.

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GUNNY said...

"we calculate 484 man-hours of labor were donated Saturday!"

Wow ... that's amazing ... in a good way.