10 March 2007

Update: Pray for Ben Roberts

Ben was discharged Friday from Hurley Medical Center Friday afternoon. Tests not only confirmed no internal injuries, but no cervical damage either. So, Ben's at home loaded-up on Vicodin, Ibuprofen, and muscle relaxants. He has a full torso brace that he has to wear while moving around or vertical, but can take it off when laying down. His friend Cameron was over helping Ben keep the XBox 360 and PS3 humming. Cameron was, thankfully, behind Ben when the accident occured and watched him go off the road. He was able to stop, help Ben get out of the totaled car, and call 911. We gave him a hard time for having no video to post on YouTube. We also concluded that the problem here that led to the accident was that Ben did not have a fast enough car to complete a pass before oncoming traffic. Fred and Robin now understand why I'm not a youth pastor. Anyway, by God's grace, Ben will wear the brace for the next three months and be back to normal. If all he loses from this is the end of the hockey season at Lapeer East where he plays, sounds like a pretty good deal. Thanks for praying.

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