09 March 2007

Pray for Ben Roberts

Wednesday night after going to his youth group, my 17 year-old nephew Ben Roberts (son of Cami's oldest sister Robin and husband Fred) was involved in a near-fatal car accident. Ben lives in Metamora where the accident took place. He was transported to Hurley Medical Center in Flint where he is now stable and in the Pediatric unit. He suffered a compresion fracture of the L-2 vertebrae in his spine and is wearing a brace. They're still evaluating him for cervical damage. Thankfully, concerns about abdominal injuries and the need for surgery have been ruled-out. Already, the past 36 hours have brought better news than expected. We'd love to keep hearing more--that Ben will have no complications or impairment and make a speedy recovery. We'd appreciate your prayers to that end. Thanks.

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Organized Chaos said...

So sorry to hear this news...we'll be praying for him.