09 January 2007

One Step Forward, Two Steps Back

When I last posted on November 29th, I didn’t expect to take nearly six weeks off blogging. I had never taken more than seven days off between posts since I started. As only a little sister can do, my sister Melynie posted this comment: “So for every 3 months of writing do you take a month off to recover?” I do appreciate those of you who’ve asked “What’s up? Where’s the blogging action?” (even my sister).

The last six weeks have been filled with stuff: Christmas, the New Year, Ayanna’s birthday, several funerals and memorial services, and too many family gatherings to count—just to name a few of the more obvious. For anyone who’d worried about that Out of My Mind was too high of a priority, consider that fear dispelled. So, the first, main reason for taking a step back was that I needed/wanted to spend time on some higher priorities.

The second step back was to evaluate. Once I’d taken some time off, I figured I’d take a bit more off and really consider whether this was a good investment of time and effort for 2007. My life saying is “The unexamined life is not worth living.” Some critical assessment leading up to a new year seemed like a good idea.

Two steps back. But now I’m ready to take a step forward and continue. I know I’ve missed the outlet. I think many of you have too (especially my Mom & Dad on the kid’s pictures). I relish the chance that this gives us to be in-touch and interacting in some way throughout the week. I like the fact that I’ve met visitors who’ve had a chance to get to know me through my blog which led them to visit our church. Most of all, as I said in my first post, I love the ability that this gives me to give God the glory that He’s due. More than anything else, beyond getting things out of my mind, this is about getting Him into my heart. That is the step forward I was hoping to take. I think I’ve taken it. Let’s keep taking them together.

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Organized Chaos said...

Welcome back. We don't chat enough, anyway...so I've missed reading your blog.

Can't wait until we can get the 5 girls together!