29 November 2006

three months of going OUT OF MY MIND

Today marks three months of blogging OUT OF MY MIND. As I said in my first post, beyond getting things out of my mind, I'm interested in having Him--Jesus--more and more into my heart. These three months have been a learning experience about how a blog can be a part of this. But I've enjoyed doing this, and have been largely pleased by your response. Here are a few facts about OUT OF MY MIND so far...

46 = Total Number Of Posts

7 = Longest Gap Between Posts

1.8 = Average Gap In Days Between Posts

3 = Most Posts On One Day

7 = Most Comments On A Post

1,486 = Total Number Of Visitors

16.5 = Average Number Of Visitors Each Day

48 = Most Visits On One Day

5:09 = Average Time Spent at OOMM by each Visitor


Erin said...

Hey! Just wanted to recommend that you check out a blog I just found: theocentric.com. The author is a pastor in Wisconson, and I have a feeling that if the two of you met, you'd probably get along :) or at least have a lot to talk about! His format is also lot like yours. Anyways, let me know what you think!

Organized Chaos said...

So for every 3 months of writing do you take a month off to recover?