15 March 2007

Wings are, in fact, #1

I haven't posted about the Red Wings nearly as much as I'd thought I would. Then again, I haven't caught nearly as many Red Wings games as I'd hoped to. But, this is one of those times that you have to talk about.

Last night, in their second win in back-to-back games against the Nashville Predators, the Wings took first place in the Central Division and in the National Hockey League with 99 points. The playoffs (i.e. "the real season" for Wings' fans) is just a month off, and we're sitting in President's Cup territory once again. This, despite the many new young players on the team and called up occasionally from the Grand Rapids Griffins, not to mention a large number of injuries among key players like Henrik Zetterberg.

I did not see the game (Wednesday night . . . church), but AP Sports Writer Larry Lage described it this way: "Both teams competeed with postseason-like intensity and that led to plenty of checking, shoving, swinging gloves and trash talk." In other words, real old-fashioned hockey as God intended it to be played. Here's to this season turning-out the way God obviously intends it to ends, with Detroit taking home yet another cup.

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