07 March 2007

Ordinary Attempts by Exceptional Students

I want to tell you about two young WCC adults who are worth looking to as role models for how they’re making ORDINARY ATTEMPTS to actively live-out their faith. Both of you have encouraged me to do the same. I know all about Darfur, but can’t say that I’ve done anything. Lois’ passionate response is convicting. And, I’m already looking to see what cycling events I could participate in as fundraisers. Imagine that—something that you enjoy being good for others too! Thanks Mike!


While visiting Georgetown University last summer, this Oakland Christian School Senior was struck by the conversation taking place about the ongoing genocide in the Darfur region of Sudan. “It’s so dire there and it’s so obviously evil,” Lois said. Her outrage over the deaths of as many as 400,000 people and the displacement of as many as 2.5 million people led her to mobilize others at OCS to sponsor a fundraiser, with proceeds going to World Vision’s work in Darfur.

If you’d like to support Lois’ efforts in response to what she learned about the crisis in Darfur, here are five ways to do so:

1- EDUCATE yourself on the tragic situation in Darfur, Sudan by clicking
2- CONSIDER prayerfully whether God wants you to do something in response
3- PARTICIPATE in Lois and OCS’s fundraiser (6 pm, March 17 at Petruzzello’s in Troy. For $35 you will have a 3-course dinner and have the chance to listen to Mindy Belz, World Magazine journalist. Contact OCS at 248.373.2700 or
info@oaklandchristian.com for more info.
4- CONTRIBUTE directly to the effort by sending a check to OCS (Payable to: “Oakland Christian School, Student Council” – Darfur, 3075 Shimmons Road, Auburn Hills, MI, 48326) or by donating directly to World Vision (info


Mike is attending
Kettering University where he is studying to be a mechanical engineer. He is raising money for The Leukemia and Lymphoma Society by participating in a triathlon on June 24th in Philadelphia through Team in Training (a fundraising sister offshoot). What’s really cool is that completing a triathlon started out merely as a personal goal for Mike. But, he realized that it could be about others and something more important. In his own words: “I hope not only to raise the money and get in better shape, but also to learn that I should not always to things just because I want to but look at the bigger picture of how it affects other around me.” Mike is working to raise $3,900 to participate in the triathlon.

If you’d like to support Mike’s efforts to accomplish a personal goal in a way that benefits others, here are ways to do that

1- EDUCATE yourself about Leukemia and Lymphoma by clicking
2- CONSIDER prayerfully whether God wants you to do something in response.
3- PARTICIPATE in Mike’s efforts by praying for his safety in training and racing
4- CONTRIBUTE directly to Mike’s effort by clicking


Denise said...

I was so proud of Lois when I read the article in the Oakland Press. I too have been concerned and have prayed for the people of Sudan for years, yet have done nothing tangible - thanks for being such a great example for us!

I'm glad Mike is raising funds for a great charity while he's doing the triathalon. I was so impressed by the Teams in Training when I walked the Columbus Marathon last fall.

In fact, just a few weeks ago, I registered with Team World Vision to raise funds for their "Hope for Africa" program while walking the marathon this year. I'd really like to get a group from WCC to participate in this together - the events in Columbus in Oct. include full or half marathons, walk or run. I'd love for a team from our church raise enough money to build a house for a family who have been affected by AIDS. And you know if I could do a marathon - just about anyone can!

Anyone interested?


etoc said...

Hey Denise-

Talk to Kellie and see if the Ordinary Attempts Team might want to help raise awareness and participation. As for anyone being able to do a marathon because you can...Well, I'd put my money on you in a walk-off with half the men in our church! (the gaunlet is thrown down)