14 March 2007

kids talking theology

Why can't adults have good theological conversations like this one my nieces Baileigh and Mckenna had, compliments of my sister's blog ORGANIZED CHAOS...

I was asking the girls about their day at school on the drive home. Today's letter was "R" and Mckenna had made a rocket ship with construction paper. That led to the following conversation:

Mckenna: "Mommy, can Daddy build me a rocket ship someday so I can go up high, high, high, in the sky and see where the rain comes from?"

Baileigh: "Daddy can't build a rocket ship...you have to fly up in the sky in a plane...Daddy could fly you in the plane though because he is a pilot and that is what he does. He flies planes."

Mckenna: "Yah, and we could go on a rainy day and see rain. And maybe rainbows. And maybe heaven."

Baileigh: "No, you can't see heaven. That is even higher then the clouds. And we can't go there anyway Mckenna."

Mckenna: "Why?"

Baileigh: "Because we have sin and there is no sin in heaven...so someday when it is time to go to Heaven we can go because then we won't have sin. That is why Jesus died on the cross."

Mckenna: "Yep! But we won't have sin when we move to New Jersey!"

Baileigh: "Yes we will, Mckenna, we only won't have sin when we go to heaven."

Mckenna: "Maybe we can go to heaven after New Jersey."

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