24 February 2007

Living in a Consumer Culture

Sometimes we hear about numbers that try to capture the size of our consumer culture, but they're so large that it's hard to really comprehend what they represent. To get a visual of it, check out photographer Chris Jordan’s art series “Running the Numbers” which depicts this stuff in a remarkable way.


Anonymous said...

Nana's Favorites: Cans Seurat, 2007 followed by Denali Denial, 2007

etoc said...

"Plastic Bags" is one of my favorites due to the personal contribution of our family. I count 6,549 with diapers from Aya & Arys. I also find "Shipping Containers" fascinating and more than a little scary. Doesn't seem too hard to somehow slip something pretty small but really dangerous into the United States in that many daily arrivals. Maybe there's a better way to spend that $12.5 millon per hour depicted in "Ben FRanklin" that would buy us some goodwill and friends?