15 January 2007

Building or Wrecking Crew?

I’m normally off Mondays. But, I’m going to the auto show tomorrow so I’m working today. Since no one expects me to be here, I’m taking advantage of the opportunity to cleanout my filing cabinet sort through my files. While sheer drudgery, one of the benefits is finding stuff I remember that I’d forgotten about.

The cheesy poem that follows is nonetheless one that I love for the truth it communicates. God is building His house—us (Eph. 1:19-21). The question is whether we’re working with Him as the building crew or against Him as the wrecking crew. Our vision of the future depends on whether or not the vision is in you and you are in the vision. Are you building the vision, or wrecking it? WCC has two radically different futures depending on the choices each one of us makes.

Ten little Christians, standing in a line

One disliked the pastor....
Then there were nine.

Nine little Christians stayed up very late,

One slept too late on Sunday....
And then there were eight.

Seven little Christians, chirping like some chicks,

One disliked the music....
Then there were six.

Six little Christians, seemed very much alive,

But one lost his interest....
Then there were five.

Four little Christians, each busy as a bee,

One got her feelings hurt....
Then there were only three.

Three little Christians, knew not what to do,

One joined the sporting crowd....
Then there were two.

Two little Christians, our rhyme is nearly done,

Differed with each other....
And then there was just one.

One little Christian, can't do much, 'tis true,

Brought his friend to Bible Study....
Then there were two.

Two earnest Christians, each won one more,

That doubled the number....
And then there were four..

Four sincere Christians, worked early and worked late,

Each won another....
And then there were eight.

Eight splendid Christians, if they doubled as before,
In just a few short weeks we'd have........


In this little jingle,
There is a lesson true...
You either belong to the "Building Crew",
Or to the "Wrecking Crew"!

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