13 November 2006

weekend recap

The weekend to Granger started-out with Ayanna demonstrating her make-up skills. She was very proud of herself for what she had done. Don't you think she looks beautiful? The trip was pretty uneventful and relaxing. Aya decided that she really likes staying at hotels. Arys did too, as long as we cover her Pack n' Play with a bedspread like a canary cage when she's ready to go to bed so that it's dark enough. They're starting to be able to interact with each other. Already, Aya keeps her laughing in the car.

Sticking her tongue out is Aryssa's latest skill.

While we ate our way through the whole weekend, the women in the family definitely identified Krispy Kreme as the culinary high-point. Yeah, I know they're around here. But we'd never go to them normally. Being there on a Sunday morning to watch them be made, wearing the goofy hats, and eating more than we should all just seemed liked a big treat. Kind of funny how something so mundane can seem so special just cause of the way that you approach it. I'll share a little from our morning at Granger Community Church, but for now I'll settle for another embarassing photo...

Mom refused the hat...WIMP!

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