21 November 2006

Aryssa's first haircut

Alright, I'll admit that BOTH of my girls are growing-up far faster than I like. But, a haircut prior to seven months just seems completely unacceptable.

Ayanna is constantly wanting to play with make-up and frequently gets weird about a few specific boys that she's fond of. We're at a loss to explain both. Cami doesn't wear or spend a lot of time with make-up. And we've never teased about boys and boyfriends. Where did this come from?

Equally inexplicable is Aryssa's hair. I've told people that I now understand what it's like to be Chuck Gaidica's wife in public (Chuck Gaidica is the local minor celebrity weatherman). Hanging with Arys is kind of like being associated in the background with that minor buzz. All of this to say that, at six months, three weeks, and four days old, Aryssa went to the salon for the first time. Ayanna didn't get her first cut until eighteen months. I suppose I should be grateful that at least she already has the hair color that many seem to be paying for these days! Pictures of the event are posted in the photo galleries on the righthand side.

1 comment:

Wendy said...

No! Say it isn't so...I love the hair! However, haircut or not, she's so cute it hurts!!