09 November 2006

Another Break--Wooo-Whooo!!

This weekend we'll be going down toward South Bend, Indiana to Granger Community Church. I've been here before for conferences that they've sponsored. And, on a previous trip, Cami and I were lucky enough to be present for a mind-blowing worship experience. GCC is a church that innovates extensively and is committed to penetrating the culture at-large. I'm really looking forward to hearing the message from the current series that they're doing: "Suburban Legends: How to keep the suburbs from killing your soul." Here is an overview to the series and links to the messages they've already done. Others (such as this one and this one) have been exploring this topic, and I think they're on to something worth considering.

In the interests of honesty, I do have to admit that this is also the closest Chick-fil-A. We became addicted when we were living in Dallas. If you've never had them--don't ask--you won't understand. If you have, well...you know. I also have to confess that while you First Worshippers are gathering, we'll be sitting in a Krispy Kreme before the 11:45 am service. I'll have my coffee and a paper. Cami will be playing with Arys. And Aya will have her face pressed against the glass watching the conveyor belt where they make the doughnuts. Ahhhhh... See you next week!


Stacy said...

In case you were questioning the sincerity of the addiction, I have to report that the only place I've ever seen Chris do a happy dance is in the parking lot of Chick-fil-A!

Denise said...

I thought we were the only family that plans food stops on vacations based on Chick-fil-A and/or Cheesecake Factory locations! How's that for a combo? Hope the trip is refreshing and challenging.