26 October 2006

A Break for Perspective

Cami and I are going away for a long weekend. We're going to Mars Hill Church on Sunday and Hope College on Monday to see my niece Anna. In-between we'll be going to the "Friendly Forest" at Clintonville Park and staying at a hotel with a waterpark--both of which Ayanna should love! Dr. Mike Wittmer from Grand Rapids Theological Seminary will be speaking in my place. I discovered him from Jon Richey and was thrilled to read his book Heaven Is A Place On Earth (checkout the excerpt) which dispels one of the most often repeated Christian untruths that we commonly repeat. Some of the guys heard him last week at Camp Barakel and report that He was a great speaker. I hope you take advantage of the opportunity to hear him.

We didn't really go anywhere this year, using my vacation time to be at-home when Aryssa was born and when my sister Melynie and her kids visited. I need the break. There's something about that every seven day cycle of preparing and delivering a message that becomes grueling after doing it for a long time without a break. I'm definitely at low-ebb. In addition to this weekend, we'll be off the weekend of November 10-13th.

All of this to say that even in "the grind," I realize that it's all a question of attitude. A video that my Dad sent me really reminded me of that in a warm, engaging way. The video is about nine minutes long, but it's really good. Watch it and see if you don't feel a little sense of perspective on your attitude.

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Denise said...

Loved the line in the video that it's a great ministry because you don't think it's a ministry. Thought of the guy at church who doesn't think he has a real ministry with youth, yet is always surrounded by kids, engaging even the quiet ones in conversation. Thought too of the times when what we think is no big deal, even just a casual comment or action, but has such huge ramifications, both positive and negative, the ripple effect, in someone else's life.

Attitude: I've been encouraged to hear from my 19 year old son in the army that his officers comment on his attitude. He tells them he learned that it is a choice you always have and is sometimes the only choice you have. I credit Chuck Swindoll with teaching that to our family.

The problem with daily life is that it is so daily! But changing the attitude into a bigger picture helps gain some perspective when we have to do it all over again: dishes, meals, laundry, sermons, teach Sunday School, check books in at work, do homework, change diapers, whatever it is for each of us in our phase of life. Debbie Rupright's peanut butter sandwiches example - it is all holy and significant.

Hope the time off is restorative for you Chris and Cami. Thanks to your dad for sharing the video with you, and you with us.