14 September 2006

Part 1-Luke 2:41-52 "the son of a father"

Each week, I'll give you the low-down on the study sheet we distributed the prior Sunday so that you can evaluate how you did in your own study. Remember, sometimes there isn't an answer that's definitively or exclusively true. Obviously, the application part is up to you!


  • What can you know about Jesus from this incident? You can know that He was aware of a special identity to and purpose from God. Beyond this main thing, you can know that He hadn't done this before, that He went home willingly and was obedient, that He grew in wisdom and stature, and that He was viewed favorably by God and men.
  • What can you know about Jesus' parents from this incident? Luke makes it clear that, despite the angelic announcements, Joseph and Mary were still struggling to understand and confused about Jesus' special identity to and purpose from God. He also makes it apparent that they were extremely devout, though also very normal parents.
  • What was the reaction of the people who were there? Everyone's reaction was to be amazed and astonished by Jesus.
  • Looking back at the first two chapters, what was the consistent reaction as people became aware of Jesus? Everyone was amazed and some sensed that this child was special.


  • Why is Jesus' age significant to what happens? Twelve is the pivotal last year before a Jewish male becomes a man--a son of the covenant. This would have been a key time of instruction from his father Joseph. It turns out it was a key time of instruction from His Father in heaven.
  • Why would Jesus' impressive interaction wtih the Jewish teachers be noted by Luke? Why would his original readers find it noteworthy? Jesus is ultimately rejected by the Jewish religious leaders as they charged Him with blasphemous teaching and sinful behavior. It would mean a great deal to know that even as a child, they had approved of us insight and knowledge of the scriptures.
  • What does it mean that Jesus' parents react the way that they do? The angel's announcements had not been forgotten. One of two things is happening. First, they may just be clinging to Jesus as natural parents. Whatever the angel had meant, whatever God planned, this was still their boy and they weren't ready to let go. Second, perhaps they had a notion of what it meant that was already not fitting with what was happening. The Savior they envisioned may have been a warrior king who would defeat Rome, thus looking for Jesus among the relgious leaders was not their first impulse.


  • Well, are you clear on your identity?
  • Have you committed yourself fully to the clear pupose that flows from it?
  • Have you taken some new action to make that a reality in your daily life?

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leigh sowles said...

After reading the many chapters on my new God-given identity,I came to this conclusion. As a member of the body of Christ I play a part no one else can. I am called to play it well. I am honored.