28 September 2006

Jason & Sue Holm

We had a great night Tuesday with Jason and Sue Holmes, missionaries WCC supports in Germany as they plant churches (their blog is worth visiting!). It had been three years since we first met them at the Ortiz's house when they cooked an authentic German meal for everyone who came to the Cottage Meeting. We treated them to the best Clarkston delicacy that we could think of: Renderoni's Pizza (what else!?). Thanks to their european outlook, they shared our habit of lingering over food as the main event that's supposed to take time--refreshing. We went for a walk together. Both of endeared themselves to Ayanna and Aryssa by being very cuddly and willing to read stories. And best of all, they didn't mind and actually appreciated the "Jesus coffee" I make (you can walk across the surface) that others seem to have to water-down.
In the midst of all the fun and talk about ministry stuff, I was pleased to walk-away from the time being personally encouraged and refreshed by our "pastor-to-pastor" conversation that shared a heartbeat for loving Jesus by loving people and a commitment to the identity and mission of the church that makes that a reality (hope I didn't put any words in your mouth Jason!). I felt a little guilty because it's the missionary who's supposed to come away from these times at-home feeling energized. I hope you guys got some of that out of our evening together too. I'm only upset that I forgot to take a picture of us while we were together. Next time...

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