20 September 2006

Coup in Thailand Update (#1)

Subject: Coup in Thailand - afternoon update

Dear Friends,

Thank you for the overwhelming response and prayers this morning. We really appreciate this show of solidarity. This is the status from our vantage point as of about 2:30pm our time in Thailand.

All is quiet and we're watching the internet news carefully - but even that's controlled by the state.
It *seems* that this is a positive incident and everyone involved is sorry it had to be done in secret and by the military. Notice I didn't use the word force. From what I read this morning a large part of the political / military dance over the night was to control the mass media. Today has been declared a holiday and meetings have been publicly scheduled all day between the new committee and natural leaders in the country. This committee *seems* to be close to the king so there is both great expectations and uncertainty.
The question is what is going to happen in the rural areas where the previous leadership has expended great amounts of (questionably obtained) resources to curry favor with the people.

The high schoolers are full of nervous energy and have already decided to descend on our house. They are not here yet so I'm doing as much work as I can while it's possible. The computers for the Internet Safe House are not here yet but is a safe place and we are actively encouraging them to gather here. There has already been a line for my computer so I'm staying home to make that resource available and to be around when the young people descend.

I've been into town twice to purchase snacks and to see what was happening; shops open, construction work in progress, soldiers on the street corners, rather quiet, life as normal and no lines for food or water. Banks, schools and government offices are closed. Word is that the gas stations have closed; we saw at least one station open but putting traffic cones out.

Keep praying,

Ken & Sharon

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