29 August 2006

Welcome to my blog: "out of my mind"

IF YOU'RE NEW to blogs, a blog is a "web log." Some are like diaries left open for others to read. Others are running commentaries on daily activities. Still others focus more narrowly on particular issues.

Mine is going be a smattering of each of these. Sometimes I'll try to express something I'm thinking or feeling. Other times, I may want to comment on what's happening at WCC or in the Cote' family. Or, I may want to zero-in on some issue or topic that's in the crosshairs. Basically, this is where I'll dump whatever it is that I can get out of my mind.

Ayanna: our future hip-hopper

I assume that the majority of you will be from the WCC community. I'm thankful that we're together and grateful for this way to interact. Others present will be family, friends, and anyone else who's stumbled across this. Welcome! God has brought us together to walk some length of the journey together. I'm excited about the potential.

I aim to post regularly, but erratically. A new post will come every couple of days at the minimum. Likewise, the lengths will vary too. I'm the master of this blog, not the other way around!

Aryssa: never too young to start

Ultimately, I'm mindful that this blog isn't about me alone.

There's you. I'm really just a small part of "us." I look forward to the comments you'll make--the conversation that will flow in both directions. Yours may just be the more valuable portion!

There's God. In every aspect of this, I aim to glorify Him. For both you, and I, may our understanding, appreciation, and response of His movement in the world increase. Can you imagine a life gripped by His power and purpose? Do you long to live life so that Jesus is present now? I think I do. And to the extent that I don't, I hope He'll draw me to that desire with increasing intensity. In the end, beyond getting things out of my mind, this is about getting Him into my heart.

Buckle up. We're now transmitting...


Jeff Majchrzak said...

Great site Chris!!!

Diane Kroll said...

Great job Chris! I appreciate the updates.

James Cote said...

I love you.
Your Dad

Anonymous said...

Verbal ability + Vulnerability + Humility + Pursuit of Truth = a FORMULA FOR SUCCESS.
I couldn't be more proud.
3 John 1:4
Love You, Mom